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Welcome To Uppal International

A Luxury Hotel with 3 star and business class facilities located in center Delhi. We are just few steps ahead from the New Delhi Railway Station & business cum shopping destinations Connaught Place.
We are a newly founded luxury hotel in New Delhi. What makes us stand out from the rest of the hotels is our philosophy of balancing between the budget of the people and comfort. We strive to provide the best of the hospitality practices for our customers. With us, you can find budget luxury hotel rooms in New Delhi.

If you are a frequent flier, then you won't need convincing how much money one has to spend on accommodation. After a long flight, the last thing you want is to feel another burn in the purse by paying a hefty fee for hotel accommodation. Uppal International understands this, and provides budget accommodation in Delhi. While we understand that creating a brand value, by giving the top of line facility in every aspect, we also make sure that the price is just right for our services and hence work towards providing budget accommodation in Delhi. We have a management which understands that a subtle balance can be maintained between delivering top notch hospitality and soaring bills.

Our Location

We are located in Delhi. To ensure that travelers find us without any problem, we have placed ourselves very near to the hubs of transportations of the city. Uppal International is only about a step from the Delhi Central Railway Station. Connaught Metro station and Connaught Place are less than a kilometer away from the hotel. The Indira Gandhi International Airport is wee bit far from here. You would have to travel about 19 KM to reach here. To ensure that our customers will not have the headache of arriving at a suitable time to the hotel, we have a 24 hour front-desk service. So, any time you reach the hotel, we would not have any problem accommodating you.

Why have a budget hotel in New Delhi?

Though we have pointed this out earlier, we think that our philosophy on providing budget accommodation in Delhi requires some elaboration. We are from a country which has a very heterogeneous cross-section. New Delhi is no different. We have millions of people going in and out of the city. And millions of people have a billion different needs. Uppal International tries its best to address a major part of these million people by ensuring that there is a quality place to live in, even while on a tight budget. A budget hotel in New Delhi thus serves millions by providing them the right sort of accommodation.
By ensuring that our charges are not steep, we open ourselves to people who come to Delhi for a very short stay, probably waiting for a train or a next day flight.Our location, near the Railway station and not so far from the IGI ensures that provide them with the option of choosing us as their place of stay. All these, and still our focus is to provide the care and comfort which are needed so dearly by the travelers.

Services at Uppal International

Even if our objective is to provide budget accommodation in Delhi, we ensure that our arsenal of services is well filled. We make specific professional promises and try our level best to serve beyond these.
Flawless Room service At Uppal International we have 24 hours of room service. We ensure that it is prompt and accurate. We take any complaints regarding it, very seriously.
Security Thanks to our location, we do not have to try very hard to assure you about the security of your stay. However, we are committed to providing a tight security.
Transparent charges - We are not fond of surprising our customers with a long bill.
All it all, we assure you that your stay at Uppal International would be among your fondest memories. Not for a moment shall you regret about choosing a budget hotel in New Delhi.